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 Sisters Broken to Heal, Inc. is a faith based 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization, connecting broken women with other women whom have overcome the same life struggles. SBTH’s focus is to work with women to establish and foster lasting relationships, promote healing, empower the woman within and be a source of encouragement to those who are struggling. Sisters Broken to Heal offers resources to women through our mentorship programs, motivational speaking, counseling, mini classes, and support groups. Annually SBTH host our Transparency Conference which targets many topics on healing and how to breakthrough life’s barriers. We are Sisterhood!

The Sisterhood!

There are many obstacles in life that will break our hearts and take our breathe away: divorce, loss of a loved one, unexpected illness, wayward children. unseen tragedies, assaults, abuse. This list could go on and on because tragedies come in many forms. If this is or has been your experience understand that you are not alone and that there will be better days. God sees you and with Him there is a way out.
The ladies currently in our SISTERHOOD have experienced many trials, tribulations, and storms in their life, but being aligned with the right resources they are now healing and thriving in life.
If you need a mentor, connect us. If you need someone to walk this walk of healing with you, connect with us. We have been where you are with the battle scars to prove it, but most of all with our victories to encourage you and impact your life. Remember life happens, but what matters the most is how you respond and handle the obstacles that are put in your way.

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October's Couch Talk


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Without donors like you, Sisters Broken To Heal could not influence and impact broken women everywhere.  With your donations, we can sponsor young ladies and build our Princess to Queen Program, hire premium instructors for all programs including our Mentorship Training, purchase material for the organization and ultimately purchase a Help and Resource Center.  



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